How Secure Is Your Business Network?

A hacker resides in the average business network over 6 months. With Strongman Technologies Fortress services, time to detection is less than 1 day.
Detect and Respond to Risks Faster

Every day breaking news exposes another company which fell prey to another ransomware, breach, or other type of hacker attack on their organizations network. How secure is your network? Do you have a baseline to understand your organizations network and security risks? The bad guys almost assuredly do. The days of not having to think about security is over.

Understanding your organizations vulnerabilities and mitigating the risks are the only defense against being the next headline news story. With Strongman Technologies Fortress Risk Management and Behavioral Monitoring, your organization will be able to rest easier knowing that your organization’s systems are safe and secure from a hackers sophisticated attacks.

Our Fortress Managed Security and Hybrid IT services allows you to focus on your clients, while we manage your organizations network. Choose our all-inclusive security and support package, or select only the services you need. Strongman Tech will make your company safe and sound.

Vulnerability Management

Know where your vulnerabilities are, and build a plan to close them

Risk Mitigation

Reduce your organizations risk from todays internal and external threats

Security Monitoring

Detect and respond to incidents and attacks in real-time

Penetration Testing

Test the organizations security plan with real world testing

Email Protection

Stop unwanted emails from slowing your business down

Network Support

From PC to firewall, keep all your systems running smoothly