Windows 10 Explorer Crashing?

I ran into the ongoing, strange problem at a client site the other day. When they click on the File Explorer icon, it opens, stalls, then explorer.exe crashes. I remember in the past that Windows had a problem a similar problem when the DPI was set to 150%, but that was resolved by Microsoft. I also remembered that this could be caused by Shell Ext...
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How do I get my employees to stop clicking on everything?

If you’ve been given responsibility for network security in a non-technical area of the business, there’s one eternal question that has been bedeviling admins for decades. Shelves of words have been spilled on the subject, to limited result.

How do I get the user to stop clicking everything?

Everyone with cybersecurity responsibilities has their own crop of horror stories where an intransigent user has clicked furiously on a Dridex installer, wondering why their “invoice” won’t load.  A user might enable macros to see the “important notice”, scratch their head at the display issues, then open the document on another machine because theirs obviously had issues. A more recent corollary is the user who gets an email from the “CEO”, and subsequently starts a wire transfer to a dodgy address in Asia without following up with anyone. These are problems that have been appearing in almost every organization, for years. So what is wrong with these people and how do we fix it?

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